Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Babies are Like Software

Ordinarily I wouldn’t do this, but I have a new lady in my life.


And, although this may be a bit of a stretch, this is a blog about Zen Coding, so I will try and find a way to relate babies to software, specifically non-Agile and poorly designed software:

  1. They require constant supervision, nurturing, and maintenance
  2. They acquire “bad smells
  3. They are completely un-testable
  4. They do not communicate effectively
  5. They come with long-term maintenance costs
  6. You build for 40 weeks and don’t see the result until the end

But, they are very cute. My wife and I want to thank you everyone for the cards, flowers, cookies, and congratulations.


  1. Congrats Brian. The fun is just beginning!

  2. "They do their own load testing"
    "They work great in a sandbox environment"