Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lessons from the Road Redux

In the first installment, I laid out what was working for me during an on-site project. The project is complete and been in production for a few weeks. I wanted to share the results based on my previous assertions:

  • TDD Works
  • Access to the Client Works
  • Spec-less Design Works

The project was completed successfully and under budget. We were even able to add items to the project that were outside of the original scope. The client is happy, their clients are happy, and not a single bug has been reported.

Please understand, I have not published these results to be braggadocios, but rather to illustrate that these things do in fact work. If we are diligent and disciplined, if we follow these processes and techniques, we are not guaranteed success, but we are garnering a posture that is fundamental to success.

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